Tales by R. A. LEE

I am a storyteller

What starts as a dream morphs into a movie that plays in my head. I dream and write. I only hope others enjoy my stories as well.

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Our stories are written but not set in ink

When I was younger, I would read fiction books with desperate fictional people trapped in desperate fictional lives and wonder, Why don't they just leave and find a better life? That thought has followed me into life, as each day another page is written down in permanent ink. Jobs that pay the bills but suck the soul, family drama, relationships filled with love and compromise, they are all added to the book and cannot be changed. So we pick up a book, we read, we understand. Why don't they just leave and find a better life? The only life you can lead is your own. Tomorrow has not been written yet, there is just an outline. May we realize that before the answer to that question is, They didn't know they were trapped.